Here is what QC members had to say about the D&D Minis Tourney at the Magic Castle
(with special guest Star - Matthew Lillard)
We made the paper!  Click here for the story on us!
Zack Infanger (QC Director):
"THAT was a great time!  I am very honored and pleased that Wizards of the Coast chose our group as their guests at this event.  The Minis game is a lot of fun and easy to learn.  The minis themselves are fantastic - fully painted and durable - a far cry better than the old metal minis we use to use.  I want to thank Claire, Mary Elizabeth and Ed for all that they did for us.  The Magic Castle was beautiful.  The Victorian decor sets a mood that added great ambience to an already exciting event.  The history and magician culture that permeates the castle is in every corner.  I found the place truly "magical" and thank Kate for giving us such a wonderful tour.  And then of course, I would like to thank Matthew Lillard for his time with us.  From the get-go, Matthew hit it off with the kids and made the event quite entertaining.  He is a real nice guy that has remained in touch with his youth and the kids really enjoyed their time with him.  Thank you all for making it happen."
Mark Gabriel Infanger (13 years old):
"I was a little frustrated that I didn't make it to the final round of the minis tournament but when I found out that the finalists had to fight against a Red Dragon, I was happy.  I LOVE dragons and I wouldn't want to have to attack one.  So, I cheered for Matthew and his Red Dragons (Matthew Lillard controlled the Red Dragons in the final round).  I also liked the Magic Castle.  It was all decorated for Halloween and seems really cool!  I want to go there again.  Thank you Wizards of the Coast for a really fun time!"
Teresa Infanger (Club Mom):
"It was a really nice event.  It was wonderful to be at the Magic Castle and meet Matthew Lillard.  The kids had a great time.  The food was very good.  Thank you all for hosting the event and picking Quest Club as your guests!"
Pictures From the Event!
We decided to try out the Miniatures game while we waited for everyone to gather for the event.
Here we see Shad (parent on right) playing with some of the kids.
"Al be Back"
Alfred Bowman, a Mentor Member of Quest Club, showed up to offer his support once again.
"New Faces"
Here we have Daniella (right) and Allison (Left).  They were a little apprehensive about playing D&D but once they gave it a try,
they really enjoyed themselves.
"Mom & Dad"
One of the rare photos with both the club dad (that's me - Zack) and club mom (my wife - Teresa).
She hates to take photos but loves to help out at the events.
This time, I got her on film - ha!
"Battle Royale!"
Everyone engaged in head-to-head competition.  Not only were the games exciting but check out that Dragon!
The Magic Castle is a great venue and Wizards of the Coast decorated with awesome cutouts like this one all over the place.
Between the game, the place, the decorations and the background music - the kids all had an awesome time!
The winners of the first rounds went head-to-head against Matthew Lillard and his three Red Dragons.
It was quite a fight but in the end, Matthew's dragons ate the heroes for lunch (literally).
There's Ed Stark (Wizards of the Coast) on the right, calling the blow-by-blow.
"Pleased Parent"
Ah yes, one of the things that I love to see - a pleasantly surprised parent.
Rose brought her girls to this Quest Club event with some apprehension but learned that not only does our club have a lot of fun but
we are also a positive environment for our members!  I took that as a great compliment - especially since she is a teacher.
What an event - a rare treat to say the least!  Everyone had a blast.  This smile on my face says it all - things went smooth as silk.
We had a great ol' time with the game and with the wonderful Magic Castle.
Thank you to all who helped to Make It Happen!
See you next time!